Myanmar Oncology Society was founded in 2010 with members from oncology and all allied specialities. Our aims and objectives include

  1. To promote CME activities in oncology in Myanmar
  2. To help train Myanmar oncologists to become up to international par in knowledge, skill, attitude and practice in the field of oncology
  3. To implement knowledge exchange programs with regional/ international oncologists and allied specialists/ scientists
  4. To encourage participation of Myanmar oncologists/scientists/allied specialists in international / regional conferences and symposia, etc.
  5. To promote `Multidisciplinary management approach’ for cancer patients in Myanmar
  6. To promote palliative care for cancer patients
  7. To help promote cancer control/ prevention/ screening programs in collaboration with authorities and concerned institutions
  8. To promote cancer research in Myanmar
  9. To promote health education in oncology
  10. To collaborate and cooperate fully with all allied specialists and organizations (both government and non-government) in striving to achieve above mentioned aims and objectives.

Over the past 6 years, the society has been able to achieve above mentioned aims and objectives to a reasonable extent in the face of quite a few seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Help, encouragement and cooperation of the colleagues from allied specialists have been of paramount importance in overcoming these obstacles. The society has been established mutual relationship with eminent international institutions in the field of oncology like NCI (USA), ASCO, ESMO, NCI (Thailand), IARC (India and Lion) and other regional institutions. However, despite these achievements, we are not complacent and we regard all these achievements as the beginning of a long journey towards our ultimate goal which is `to set up top-notched oncology service in Myanmar’. We sincerely hope that `blessing from above’ and `cooperation form colleagues’ will give us much-needed boost to keep up our morale throughout the journey.

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